La Civiltà Cattolica - Catholic periodical from Rome



Revisiting the Common Good in the Digital Age

  Julio L. Martínez, SJ   Issue 2006    2 June 2020

The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Full Flow

In this epochal change that we characterize as the “digital revolution,” not only digital technologies but also physical and biological technologies all converge. This contributes to a cultural transformation of enormous moment. Our ways of life, work and relationships are changing. The processes underway – let alone their dizzying speed – are probably without parallel in those of other eras. Not that there were fewer problems before, but there were more certainties and interpretative narratives on a global level that today have given way to uncertainty and perplexity. Insecurity..


Defy the Apocalypse

  Antonio Spadaro, SJ 12 May 2020

The Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989. From that day on Berliners started dismantling a symbol that had held them hostage for almost 30 years; it was an emblematic moment in the sunset of totalitarianism. It marked the beginning of what promised to be a new era characterized by intensifying globalization. Yet today, as Pope Francis often tells us, this...

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