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The Berlin Conference and Civil War in Libya

  Giovanni Sale, SJ   Issue 2003    11 March 2020

The Berlin Conference on Libya, attended by representatives of 11 countries (mostly heads of government) and major international organizations, January 19, 2020, produced a joint declaration that supports the efforts of the United Nations for a lasting truce, for enforcement of the arms embargo and for the dismantling of militias supported by foreign powers who are fueling a “proxy war” in the country. So far several points set out in the communiqué have not been acted upon. The truce, signed only by President al Fayez al-Sarraj, essentially still holds, although almost every day both sides attack each other.[1] It is..


The Jesuits and Francis’ Vision: Seven Years of Pontificate

  Arturo Sosa, SJ 19 March 2020

In recent years the Society of Jesus has been questioning how to serve the Lord and the Church in the social, political and economic context that the world has been experiencing during Francis’ pontificate. The starting point of our discernment – which has involved all Jesuit communities and all our apostolic works – is the “unity in diversity” of our cultures,...

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