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Chernobyl: The Cost of Lies

  Diego Fares SJ   Issue 1911    12 November 2019

Chernobyl is a television mini-series co-produced by HBO and Sky about the very serious nuclear accident at the V.I. Lenin Nuclear Power Plant, located 18 kilometers northeast of the city of Chernobyl and 16 kilometers from the border between Ukraine and Belarus. The man-made disaster, among the worst in history, rated a level 7 (out of 7) on the International Nuclear Events Scale[1] (INES). It occurred at 01.23:40 on April 26, 1986. Eighteen seconds earlier, a computerized control system called “Skala” had recorded the start of a reactor Scram (emergency stop), which unintentionally triggered the explosion. The Scram started..


Thailand: A country that changes

  Michael Kelly, SJ 19 Nov 2019

Pope Francis will be in Thailand in November during a trip that will take him to Japan. The Thailand he comes to visit appears to be in a time of change – a new king, an unstable government, and a place at the heart of one of the major economic centers of the world. But closer inspection reveals that many...