Jesus of Nazareth, Son and Spouse of Israel

  Mario Imperatori, SJ   Issue 2009    17 September 2020

The multiple challenges of human nature assumed by the Son In contemplating and reflecting on the mystery of Jesus Christ, every age emphasizes certain dimensions in relation to its precise historical context and the challenges it poses to the Church’s evangelizing mission. This happened in the patristic era when the Church had to face the challenge of Neoplatonic triadic philosophy. Trinitarian theology and patristic Christology were born in response to this challenge. They re-read the mystery of the Incarnate Son in the light of the metaphysical categories of nature and person matured through critical confrontation with Neoplatonism. They constituted the backbone of..


Women and Men in the Church

  Federico Lombardi, SJ 18 September 2020

We should be grateful to Anne-Marie Pelletier for her recent book L’Église, des femmes avec des hommes, which collects and develops several lines of reflection on the relationship between women and men in the Church that she had already initiated in previous writings.[1] This issue is topical and of crucial importance. After all, the popes have been talking about...