Pope Francis and the Idea of Progress

  Giandomenico Mucci, SJ   Issue 2009    23 September 2020

  1. “Progress” is one of the most commonly used words. It is practically synonymous with improvement, refinement or evolution, while its correlative, “regression,” indicates a backward movement , decay or return to a less advanced or primitive stage. The need for progress is inherent in human nature. It takes place through human activities in the historical and social environment, which, in turn, is transformed and modified. History is made up of the relationships that people establish among themselves and with the environment, seeking to develop their potential, progressing. The limits of progress are ultimately the limits of human nature, which..


Asthma and Grace: An interview with Martin Scorsese

  Antonio Spadaro, SJ 24 September 2020

"Life is not something that takes us by surprise, but an astonishing mystery that inspires poetry in us," said Pope Francis in a recent audience. And he continued: "When a person lacks that poetic dimension, let's say, when poetry is missing, his soul limps."[1] That's why I thought of contacting the director Martin...