A Letter from Pope Francis to ‘La Civiltà Cattolica’

Pope Francis

 Pope Francis / Mission / Published Date:4 June 2021/Last Updated Date:2 July 2021

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My best wishes as you resume publication of the Spanish edition of La Civiltà Cattolica!

Yours is a unique journal, one of a kind, and not only because it is already 170 years old. More than a journal, it is a true spiritual and intellectual experience, centered around a community of Jesuits, the College of Writers, who live and discern together, choosing and reflecting on the topics chosen.

With editions in Italian, English, French, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese, you already reach a wide audience. In its Spanish version now, the journal will expand its readership and open up to new challenges, as you engage readers in the 21 countries of the Spanish-speaking world.

La Civilta Cattolica

And so I invite you to row! Row with passion and determination in the barque of Peter like good Jesuits. Row with your pen, dialoguing with everyone, aiming toward the open sea.

Seek God where he is to be found, especially in those who hunger and thirst for the truth, advocating works of justice and mercy. Seek God in the many areas of philosophical and theological reflection among the peoples of Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean, in their cultures, in the fields of science, the arts, and in social and political commitment.

In this time of crisis especially, by your reflection you make available to all humanity the Gospel of the Kingdom of God as a resource for salvation in our time.



Casa Santa Marta, May 20, 2021; beginning of the Ignatian year

DOI: La Civiltà Cattolica, En. Ed. Vol. 6, no. 6 art. 10, 0621: 10.32009/22072446.0621.10