Aggiornamento of the Chinese Catholic Church

Thierry Meynard, SJ

 Thierry Meynard, SJ / Issue 1803 / Published Date:15 March 2018/Last Updated Date:2 July 2020

China has accomplished much in recent decades with huge social, economic and political transformations. However, the challenges faced by the local Catholic Church are not vanishing. All kinds of difficulties continue to constrain the growth of the Chinese Catholic Church, forcing it to adapt its own framework and to produce new responses. In the midst of this moving and tormented context, many voices from the Church and beyond constantly arise to offer analyses, to suggest practical guidelines or even to propose solutions. The number of these commentators, experts and well-intentioned people is countless. Still, their discourses could be grouped into three main tendencies.

Three approaches to the issue of the Chinese Catholic Church
The first kind of these discourses tends to focus on the Chinese communist state. All Church problems and difficulties seem rooted in the external influence of the Chinese government. Most of these discourses focus on the division between the registered and underground Church, constantly presented as the main and most urgent problem to solve.

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