Antonio Spadaro, SJ

Editor-in-Chief, La Civiltà Cattolica


He is alive and wants you to be alive! This is how Pope Francis begins his new apostolic exhortation, which he signed on March 25, 2019. This exclamation summarizes the underlying meaning of Bergoglio’s text, whose title is Christus Vivit, Christ is alive. “Life,” “living,” “alive” are terms repeated throughout the text some 280 times,… Read the full article


At 1 p.m. on February 3, 2019, Pope Francis flew to the United Arab Emirates for his 27th apostolic journey. It was the first visit of a pontiff to the Arabian Peninsula, so close to the holy places of Islam: Medina and Mecca. After the 12 Noon Angelus prayer in St. Peter’s Square in the… Read the full article


Mary Oliver passed away at age 84 in Hobe Sound, Florida, January 17, 2019. She was one of the most widely read and appreciated poets in the United States. Awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (1984) and numerous other honors, including four honorary doctorates and the National Book Award (1992), Mary Oliver owed the success… Read the full article


A rainy day in Krakow… On July 30, 2016, rain was falling in Krakow as the World Youth Day was taking place. The pope, as he often does on his travels, met with a group of 28 Jesuits at the archbishop’s residence. He concluded the conversation, saying: “Today the Church needs to grow in its… Read the full article


The current situation in Nicaragua sparks a lot of concern. Many ask themselves how it is that President Daniel Ortega, who in the 1970s fought to bring down the Somoza dynasty, now tries to establish his own dynasty and is repressing the popular protest that would like to keep him from doing so. Anger is… Read the full article


The rapid transformation of Chinese Catholicism and its adaptation to the new urban environment has been brought about by a wide range of participants and not just by the clergy. This article explores the motivations, organization and influences of one specific type of promotion of Chinese Catholicism: the entrepreneurial lay Catholics who have migrated from… Read the full article


During his Apostolic Trip in Poland on the occasion of the 31st World Youth Day, July 30, 2016 — first vespers of St Ignatius of Loyola — at 5 p.m., Pope Francis met with a group of 28 Polish Jesuits belonging to two Provinces of the Society of Jesus of the country and two lay… Read the full article


INTRODUCTION TO PERSPECTIVES 01: EMBRACING OUR HUMANITY God’s embrace of creation and humanity was from the first moment of Creation, as the two Creation stories in Genesis 1 & 2 attest. God looked at Creation, including the creation of a man and a woman and said “it was good.” God’s embrace of humanity was “summed… Read the full article

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