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In our world Church today, there are two conversations at a national level about how a national Synod should occur. One is in Germany and one is in Australia. We want to address developments in both Churches. Firstly, to update you on the one in Australia – which of course has a local flavor but… Read the full article


Welcome to another podcast by La Civiltà Cattolica, English Edition. In this episode, Michael Kelly, SJ interviews Cardinal Michael F. Czerny SJ, about the Synodal way. A Czech-born Canadian, Cardinal Czerny, served as one of two Special Secretaries for the Synod of Bishops on the Pan-Amazon region, held in Rome October 2019, and currently Under-secretary… Read the full article


Welcome to another podcast by La Civiltà Cattolica, English Edition. In this episode, Michael Kelly, SJ interviews American public health specialist Fr. Michel Rozier, a Jesuit from St. Louis Mo. The COVID pandemic is a global phenomenon so flexible and inventive that it easily gets a long way ahead of attempts to contain and suppress… Read the full article


It does not take us very long in our human journey to discover something very simple: most people aren’t like us. And, of course, that realization also occurs when it comes to our basic beliefs and convictions about what is important, what is valuable. We don’t have a lot of consensus about that. So, often what… Read the full article


“Laudato Si’,” or “Praise Be to You” is the ground-breaking encyclical of Pope Francis that addresses the ecological crisis facing the world in the 21st Century. It has put the Pope and the Catholic Church’s tradition of social teachings at the center of the international debate on climate change. In this podcast Michael Kelly interviews… Read the full article


This present study considers international aid, that is, the institutionalized forms by which people’s conditions are improved. It examines charity systems from the point of view of political power, starting from the concept that international aid was historically born along with the appearance of the idea of public affairs and public service, in the spirit… Read the full article


Since the February 1 coup, the Tatmadaw – the official name of Myanmar’s armed forces – has escalated its crackdown on citizens protesting against the military takeover that ousted Myanmar’s democratically elected government. Unfortunately, this brutal reaction is only the latest in a series of repressive moves across Southeast Asia in recent years as political groups, backed by powerful… Read the full article


Pope Francis will be in Thailand in November during a trip that will take him to Japan. The Thailand he comes to visit appears to be in a time of change – a new king, an unstable government, and a place at the heart of one of the major economic centers of the world. But… Read the full article

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