Paul Gilbert, SJ


Juan Carlos Scannone, an Argentine Jesuit born in 1931 and who died in November 2019, was a one of the great figures of the Church in Argentina and Latin America. He was also very aware of the problems of the universal Church. He obtained a doctorate in theology with a thesis written in Innsbruck, directed… Read the full article


Erich Przywara was born to a Polish father and a German mother in 1889 in Katowice, a city that was German at the time, but it has been Polish since 1921. For this reason from his youth he came to know a tension the like of which he would face all his life, recognizing that… Read the full article


The Jesuit Michel de Certeau (1925-86) is known for his work as an historian of mysticism, particularly on Peter Faber and Jean-Joseph Surin,[1] two Jesuits almost a century apart. Faber had very early entered the circle of the companions of Ignatius of Loyola in Paris, and for some years he had been the only priest… Read the full article