Álvaro Lobo Arranz, SJ

PhD student in Theology at the Sèvres Center in Paris


A petition with more than 1.2 million signatures was delivered to the Italian Supreme Court last October 8, calling for a referendum with the aim to legalize euthanasia. Of these almost 400,000 were gathered online. The referendum aims to repeal the regulation in the criminal code that prevents the introduction of legal euthanasia in Italy…. Read the full article


The 21st century is no longer a child. However young it may still seem to us, the global events that we have lived through have already made this century as dramatic as the last one. Probably in the annals of history its beginnings will be remembered for the global challenges that characterized them, such as… Read the full article


A catastrophe can shape the way a generation thinks, as can be testified by children who are born after a war, mothers who see their children fleeing poverty, and the millions of refugees in the world today. In the history of humanity, wars, pandemics and famines, as recurring phenomena, require an adequate understanding of their… Read the full article