Daniel Solymári

Daniel Solymári studied Theology and International Relations in Hungary and the United Kingdom and holds MA degrees, along with an advanced degree in Humanitarian Diplomacy and Law at ICRC, and he’s currently a PhD candidate at the University of Pécs, Political Science Doctoral Programme. He researches and writes on a number of issues in the area of international aid, diplomacy, Sub-Saharan Africa and migration, urban slums, WASH and re-settlement initiatives. He has worked on four continents in man-made and natural crises, in urban slums, refugee camps and during civil wars in the last 20 years. Daniel considers it his main mission to reach and aid those on the human peripheries, to create more dignified living conditions for the forgotten. Daniel is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.


This present study considers international aid, that is, the institutionalized forms by which people’s conditions are improved. It examines charity systems from the point of view of political power, starting from the concept that international aid was historically born along with the appearance of the idea of public affairs and public service, in the spirit… Read the full article