Wilfred Sumani, SJ

Professor of Liturgy at Hekima College, Nairobi, Kenya


Introduction In the 2014 drama film The Good Lie, Jerry and Mike, two of the “lost boys of Sudan,” land a job at a grocery shop where they experience a culture shock as they watch basketfuls of food being tossed into the bin. “Isn’t there someone who might want or need this food?” Jerry quizzes… Read the full article


“We cannot fully know ourselves without first knowing the nature of all living creatures,” wrote Ambrose of Milan in the fourth century.[1] Three centuries earlier, Paul had drawn a line from creation to the Creator: “Ever since the creation of the world his eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood… Read the full article


The wind of reconciliation has been blowing across Africa and other parts of the world recently. In April, 2019, for instance, Pope Francis performed a gesture that went viral on social media. During the conclusion of a “diplomatic and ecumenical” retreat of the South Sudanese leaders at the Vatican, the pope went down on his… Read the full article


Jobs, jobs and more jobs! This is a slogan chanted by political incumbents and aspirants alike, in Africa or in Australia. For instance, a newly-formed opposition in Malawi, the United Transformation Movement (UTM), under the leadership of Saulos Chilima, promised to create a million jobs within its first year of office during the 2019 presidential… Read the full article


Africa is the “continent of hope.” We see this hope in the eyes of the many young men and women who arrive in Europe. A hope that can be a great contribution to an aging Europe when it finds a way of being accepted, put to use, and adequately accompanied by the welcoming community. But… Read the full article