Between Loneliness and Company: Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Letter to You’

Claudio Zonta SJ

 Claudio Zonta SJ / Music / 10 February 2021

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After the one-man theater tour Springsteen on Broadway (2018) and the studio album Western Stars (2019), Bruce Springsteen returned to the studio to record a musical work that is as complex as it is immediate, called Letter to You (2020).

Observing the genesis of this album, we can see how it is full of strong dynamic tensions with elements that could be considered in tension or contradictory. In fact, in the era of large productions and myriad technological possibilities, in which sounds are processed, corrected and recreated, Springsteen has opted for a more instinctive solution. He recorded in the studio at his farm in Colts Neck, New Jersey. It’s a live recording – as in a live concert – accompanied by the historic E Street Band. It’s as if he wanted to again feel the thrill of the pulsing, rough sound of the music of his origins.

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