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New Cardinals for a Universal and Missionary Church
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On Sunday, May 29 this year at the end of the Angelus, Pope Francis announced the creation of new cardinals and set August 27 as the date for the celebration of the consistory. This is the eighth time this has happened during his pontificate. Since 2014 the pontiff has celebrated a consistory every year. The exception was 2021, perhaps because of the pandemic. Such an announcement was thus expected.

The date chosen for the consistory is, in truth, unusual. But it should be noted that the pope, at the same time as the appointment of the new cardinals, also convened a meeting of all the cardinals for August 29 and 30, “to reflect on the new apostolic constitution Praedicate Evangelium” dealing with the reform of the Roman curia. Therefore the new cardinals will also participate in that meeting.

It will be a very important occasion not only because of the topic dealt with, but also for the mutual knowledge and cohesion of the members of the entire college of cardinals, old and new, electors and non-electors. In fact there has not been a comparable meeting for some time.
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