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Éric Rohmer, Reflections in Light of the ‘New Wave’ of Romanian Cinema
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Éric Rohmer (1920-2010), the nom de plume of Jean-Marie Maurice Schérer, was one of the main exponents of the Nouvelle Vague, the “new wave” of French cinema, born at the end of the 1950s to promote a cinema more faithful to reality and life.

Like the other founders of the movement – Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Jacques Rivette and Claude Chabrol – Rohmer collaborated with André Bazin on the editorial staff of Cahiers du Cinéma, France’s most prestigious film magazine, before devoting himself to directing.

The policy pursued by the promoters of the Nouvelle Vague was that the director’s role was not limited to the technical task of creating a product attractive to the general public. Instead, the director was to be a father-author (auteur) of a work that expresses a personal poetic vision. In line with this Rohmer also wrote the screenplays for his films. His works have an easily recognizable style and he continues to inspire many contemporary filmmakers.
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