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The Gospel According to Jack Kerouac
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The Gospel According to Jack Kerouac by Luca Miele (published by Claudiana Editrice, 2021) is a careful reading of the work of the famous father of the Beat Generation. Above all, Kerouac is famous for his ideal of freedom from strict American social conventions, and his rebellion against ‘The System’, especially in his most famous novel On The Road. Miele, however, dwells on the traces of God’s presence in his writings.

From the written word appears a Kerouac in search of a profound relationship with a God who is always being continuously defined, in a feverish and tenacious dynamic made up of struggles, contrasts and questions that never have a definitive answer. Miele comments on his “battle with and against the word, his inability to write God. The writer’s whole life is absorbed by this struggle, to the rhythm of his impulses and his failures, made vulnerable by impossibility.”

For the American writer, there are two poles in which to seek the presence of God: the word and silence.
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