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Weak Ceasefires Holding In Ethiopia And Yemen
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Of the three conflicts still ongoing globally – one in Africa, in Ethiopia; one in the Middle East, in Yemen; and another in the heart of old Europe, in Ukraine – two in the past few months have benefitted from a truce proposed by the international community, often referred to as a “humanitarian” truce or a ceasefire, albeit temporary. These came into being at the end of March in Ethiopia and at the beginning of April – on the occasion of Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims all over the world – in Yemen.

Sadly, the conflict in Ukraine, the most dangerous of all, which for various reasons could become a world war, is becoming more and more destructive as the months go by, and it is difficult to see a path to negotiations, which in the early days seemed to be underway.

In this article we will deal mainly with the war in Yemen, a long and very bloody conflict, forgotten for years by the international community and the media. The pope has mentioned it on several occasions, but otherwise in recent times it has almost disappeared from the newspapers – even those that deal with these matters – and from the news, being drowned out by the European conflict, which involves major players – Russia, NATO and the U.S. – and which has monopolized the world of communications.
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