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‘Love Does Not Live By Words’
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Twenty-five years ago, on September 5, 1997, Mother Teresa of Calcutta ended her earthly pilgrimage. On October 2003 she was proclaimed blessed by John Paul II and in September 2016 she was canonized by Pope Francis. During her life she received several awards, most notably in 1979, the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.

On her way back from Oslo, after receiving the award, Mother Teresa made a stop in Rome, where journalists crowded around to interview her. Among the questions, there was this provocative one: “Mother, you are 70 years old! When you die, the world will be the same as before. What has changed after so much effort?”

She could have reacted sharply to the impertinent journalist; instead, unperturbed, she smiled at him: “You see, I have never thought I could change the world. I only tried to be a drop of clean water in which God’s love could be reflected. Does that seem little to you?” There was a great silence in the room, one of embarrassment and emotion. Mother Teresa, addressing herself directly to the journalist, then said: “Try to be a drop of clean water yourself and then we’ll be two. Are you married?” “Yes, Mother.” “Tell that to your wife, too, so there will be three of us. Do you have children?” “Three children, Mother.” “Tell your children also so there will be six of us…”
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