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Llegaron de noche, “They Came at Night”
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Llegaron de noche tells the story of Lucia, played by an extraordinary Juana Acosta. Directed by Hispanic-Salvadoran Imanol Uribe, the movie was released in March 2022.

The year is 1989. Lucia works as a cleaner at Universidad Centroamericana, the Jesuit university in El Salvador. It was a time of civil war, death squads, with the military in conflict with rebels and terrorists. Lucia asks the fathers for refuge. War is gripping the capital, and the country is not safe. One night, she awakes with a start. Heavy footsteps of men in uniform. The chilling silence of death. The Jesuit fathers have been brutally murdered. Lucia becomes the only witness to an inconvenient truth, a truth she cannot deny. “How can you deny something that is true?” she asks herself. A truth is simply a truth. And the truth needs to be told. It cannot be suppressed.

Lucia is a woman who paid with exile for her simple and heroic decision to reveal the whole truth. Without compromise, without subterfuge, without bartering, without gaining from it. She is a courageous woman surrounded by mediocre men, who rely on a metal badge.
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