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April 2024 Issue
An Impossible Fraternity?

Welcome to the April issue of La Civiltà Cattolica, English edition.


The article “An Impossible Fraternity?” explores the paradoxical nature of humanity, where our core need for connection can lead to both violence and compassion. It argues that critical thought and open dialogue can bridge this divide, citing the Swallow Project as an example.


Philosopher Philip Clayton argues that traditional theological language struggles in discussions with other disciplines. Leandro Sequeiros’ article “Philip Clayton and his Interdisciplinary Reflections on the Person” examines Clayton’s views on the concept of “person” and its implications for the idea of a personal God.


In the article “Disability and Incarnation,” Justin Glyn proposes that Christ’s humanity inherently included disability, not just through the crucifixion, but from the start. This challenges us to see limitations as part of being human and fosters deeper connections with God and others in our imperfect lives.


The article “The Ignatian Art of Management” by Daniel Izuzquiza Regalado explores a lesser-known aspect of St. Ignatius’ letters – his guidance on practical matters. By analyzing this correspondence, Regalado reveals Ignatius’ skills as an administrator and offers insights for those seeking to integrate faith with business management.


Also in this issue:

Conscious Machines? Reflections on so-called ‘Artificial Intelligence’, Ferenc Patsch
Fr. Girolamo de Angelis, Missionary and Martyr in Japan in 1623, Giancarlo Pani
The Art of Maria Callas, Giovanni Arledler
Acts 27: Storm and Salvation for All, Marc Rastoin
War and Violence According to the Bible, Saverio Corradino and Giancarlo Pani 
Handala, the Palestinian Child who said Enough to the Horror of War, Giancarlo Pani


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