August 2022 Issue
Rereading the Theological Ethics of Life in the Light of Pope Francis

We are publishing our August issue just weeks after Pope Francis traveled to Canada, from July 24-30, in order to continue his meeting with the nation’s indigenous peoples that started in Rome earlier this year.

Federico Lombardi answers the question Why is the Pope Going to Canada? Looking at the history of the residential schools set up for indigenous people between 1831 and 1996,  the horrific conditions indigenous students were made to live in and the appalling treatment inflicted on the youthful residents.

Fr Lombardi has also penned a short biography of the life of Albino Luciani, the first Pope John Paul. John Paul I: The Saintliness of a Humble Bishop looks at his family, his life, career and work through both world wars and the Second Vatican Council, to his election to the pontificate along with his all too brief papacy.

Whenever the pope journeys overseas our editor-in-chief, Antonio Spadaro, accompanies him and writes an account of his meeting with local Jesuits. On July 30th, Pope Francis met with Canadian and Haitian Jesuits (they’re one province) in Quebec. You can read his account in Walking Together.

Are We Going to Finally End World Hunger? by Fernando de la Iglesia Viguiristi, considers how we are going to feed a growing population during the course of the 21st century. It looks at  the current food crisis, the history of the Green Revolution and  how we replicate that food boom without the mistakes.

Colombian Jesuit, José Darío Rodríguez Cuadros, looks at his homeland’s contemporary politics and society in Change of Course for Colombia: Presidential Elections in 2022. Over the course of two elections in June, a political status quo stretching back decades was swept away by the election of former guerilla leader and academic Gustavo Petro and human rights lawyer, Francia Márquez. Where will they steer this troubled  nation?

Also in the issue:

Deliverance From Evil: The Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 22, Pino di Lucio
Rereading the Theological Ethics of Life in the Light of Pope Francis, Jorge José Ferrer
Christians in Israel Today: Identity, challenges and prospects, David Neuhaus
Donatello, the Master Sculptor of Florence, Lucian Lechintan
New Cardinals for a Universal and Missionary Church, Fedrico Lombardi
East Timor and Fraternity: The ‘Abu Dhabi Document’ becomes a national document, Antonio Spadaro
Weak Ceasefires are Holding in Ethiopia and Yemen, Giovanni Sale
Posthuman and Transhuman: The anthropology of the future?, Giovanni Cucci

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