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Senegal, a Crisis Overcome
Macky Sall, Senegal’s outgoing president, announced on February 3, 2024, the postponement of presidential elections, repealing his earlier decree that had set them for February 25. His decision came after parliament formed a commission to investigate two Constitutional Council judges whose integrity regarding the electoral process had been questioned.

In fact, some deputies from the Senegalese Democratic Party (SDP) – the political formation led by Karim Wade, the son of former President Abdoulaye Wade – supported by some elected members of the governing coalition, had already made allegations of corruption against two judges of the Constitutional Council, who had previously rejected Karim’s candidacy because of his dual nationality, French and Senegalese.

Indeed, in his speech to announce the postponement of the elections, President Sall said that the country was facing a dispute between the National Assembly and the Constitutional Council, who were in open conflict over allegations of judicial corruption.

In announcing the postponement of the elections, he had limited himself to saying that the elections would depend on a national dialogue, which was supposed to bring together civil society groups, political parties and candidates chosen or not chosen by the Constitutional Council.
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