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The Vulnerability of Young Adults in the Coldest Demographic Winter in South Korea
On the feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth in 2021, Pope Francis revealed his serious concern about the low fertility rate in countries like Italy, using the expression “demographic winter.” He urged us to raise awareness and tackle the demographic decline that poses a threat to our families, our nation, and our future. In that year, the total fertility rate of Italy remained at 1.25.

A birth rate lower than the population replacement rate of 2.1 has been a trend in most developed countries in Europe, North America, and Eastern Asia.

South Korea in particular is the country that experienced the coldest demographic winter in 2023. According to statistical data announced in February 2024, the provisional birth rate for 2022 was 0.78, for 2023, 0.72, and it is expected to be 0.68 in 2024.

In the face of this serious situation, all those who care for life and humanity should be engaged in an in-depth reflection that leads to prompt and practical actions to counter the tendency toward lower fertility rates in most developed countries.
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