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Charity, a ‘Theological Place’
Is charity a “theological place”? By “theological place” we mean one of the “different areas where theological knowledge unfolds, or the different sources from which it draws: Scripture, Tradition, the Fathers, the magisterium, the liturgy,” according to the definition given by theologian Melchior Cano in the 16th century.

If it is a matter of systematically ordering the discourse about God, then charity has little chance of being considered a “theological place.” Indeed, it is an experience with uncertain boundaries, with language that is sometimes hesitant and seemingly very fragile.

With charity one is not dealing with well-defined, solid, stable and ordered elements, as when one is dealing, for example, with a written text. Indeed, all the theological sources cited by Melchior Cano are texts; but with experience we are no longer dealing with arguments that can be weighed and compared. How then, starting from here, can we move toward argumentative discourse?
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