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Dreamy music reflections from Agnese Valle
“Here we are… Another endless journey, but today accomplished; a journey alongside those who have shaped my listening; moved my pen to the first songs and works. To my men I hope to have given back at least in part what they gave me: Andrea Appino, Brunori Sas, Francesco De Gregori, Francesco Guccini, Morgan, Pino Marino, Luigi Tenco, Renato Zero…”: this is how Roman singer-songwriter Agnese Valle’s album entitled I miei uomini (MRM Records, 2023) ends.

It is an intimate and personal journey among the singer-songwriters who have most marked Valle’s artistic path. The album is a true act of gratitude and appreciation to music and its composers.

Not only that, but the songs are also vocally reinterpreted with personal attention to interpretation, melodic nuances, and musical phrasing. In addition, the musical arrangements, besides holding up the original framework of the song, reinvent its sounds, timbres, and atmospheres.
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