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Education is Liberating or it is not Educational
“Education” and “educational action” are two related terms. For many people they are probably even synonymous, but they are not. We consider it a serious mistake to confuse them and to restrict education to teaching institutions. In this way “schools” would end up shouldering all the burdens and responsibility for the diseducation of the people and communities they have served for centuries.

Instead, it seems to us that the expression “educational action” – used in place of “education” – may better encompass the multiple practices to which we wish to refer in this article. Not being a great pedagogical theorist or not working in an educational institution does not prevent anyone from being an excellent educator in the context of a wide variety of relationships such as are found in sports, recreation, religious practice, political, economic and cultural activity, family life, business activity and so on. In this sense, all those who perform in some way a service that accompanies and encourages the humanization of individuals and communities are educators.
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