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Synodal Church and Matthean Ecclesiology
The synod on synodality, a three-year process of praying, listening and engaging in dialogue, inaugurated by Pope Francis in October 2021 to chart a path for our post-modern era, registered a significant milestone with the 26th Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in Rome (October 4-29, 2023). For Pope Francis, “It is precisely this path of synodality which God expects of the Church of the third millennium.”

This synodal journey follows in the spirit of the Church “renewal” (aggiornamento) initiated by the Second Vatican Council (Ecclesia semper reformanda) where there is a re-emphasis on the renewal of the Church as the People of God, a people journeying in communion with a sense of co-responsibility and a renewed participation in the mission. Such an enterprise calls for an evaluation of the meaning of belonging in this community called Church in the 21st century. Is there a room for all in the Church? Is the Church that “mother hen” which gathers her “brood” under her wings despite individual differences (Cf. Matt 23:37)?

In the last two years, the preparation for the synod on synodality has drawn global attention, within and outside the Catholic Church. Despite the mixed feelings and lack of fervor in some circles, the shared experiences of most of those who took part in the October 2023 synod seem marked by consolation, a proof that the prime agent of the synod is the Holy Spirit as Pope Francis has always insisted.
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