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‘Generative Artificial Intelligence’ and our Future
In a future century, our era will probably be remembered as that of the birth of “generative artificial intelligence.” Although it is impossible to judge the current processes due to the lack of historical distance, all signs point to the fact that we are experiencing the initial phase of an information technology revolution that has launched the “intelligent” machine. Many wonder what the future holds in this regard. We have recently been forced to learn some new terms, such as “algorithm,” “machine learning” and, more recently, “large language models,” but this is only the beginning. New technologies are already transforming our lives drastically, and experts say they have yet more incredible potential.

Of course, we are also increasingly talking about the dangers, some of which, unfortunately, have become familiar through social media: addiction, misinformation, mental health, polarization and censorship. Are those who enthusiastically welcome recent changes right, or should we believe those who make apocalyptic and dystopian predictions? It is difficult to navigate such a wide range of opinions.

This article is a contribution to the daunting task of providing some points of reference to help readers get their bearings. Now that the ChatGPT craze, discussed below, has subsided for now, it is possible to make a more balanced reflection on this controversial issue.
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