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From the ‘Old’ to the ‘New’ Vatican Communications
A new book by Angelo Scelzo offers a first attempt at a comprehensive look at the recent history of the Vatican’s engagement in the field of communications, reaching up to the present, that is, to the reform implemented during the pontificate of Pope Francis. We consider it an authoritative, useful and courageous contribution.

The contribution of this book is authoritative. The amount of information is very broad; the author seeks to go into depth and his reflections are based on long experience. Angelo Scelzo, after years of active journalism and responsibility for the daily newspaper Avvenire, from 1990 collaborated for a long time with Mario Agnes in the running of L’Osservatore Romano. Then he was put in charge of the Communications Office of the Great Jubilee of 2000, then became undersecretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, and finally deputy director of the Holy See Press Office until 2015.

He knew from the inside – in different and complementary areas – the strengths and weaknesses of a communications system that had grown historically for more than a century, placing at the disposal of the Holy See’s mission the different “instruments of social communication” – books, a newspaper, photography, radio, television, the internet – one after the other and, in a sense, one next to the other, but independent of each other.
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