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The Nuclear Threat and the War in Ukraine
The nuclear threat has become an ominous reality in the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine. It is sufficient to scan the news to see how the situation in the warzone is becoming more difficult day by day. The events of recent times have further precipitated the crisis, which was already significant in the latter part of the summer, after the Ukrainian forces, actively supported by the West, went on the offensive, freeing portions of territory previously invaded or occupied by Moscow.

The declarations of President Putin’s entourage, which make explicit (and no longer veiled) reference to the use of tactical nuclear weapons in order to defend the threatened national territory, have made the current conflict take a real quantum leap forward, unlike anything since the beginning of the war. Let us look at the facts.

The Ukrainian forces, using the powerful HIMARS rockets sent by the USA, liberated extensive territories at the beginning of September, including territory where Russian administrations had already been imposed. In just a few days they managed to regain part of what Russia had occupied in five months of bloody conflict. This created discontent both in the ranks of the Russian army – both among the generals and the soldiers as seen in the letters they have been sending home – and in public opinion, increasingly alarmed by the disastrous course of the war, which Putin has continued to define as a “special operation” against pro-Nazi rebels.
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