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Networks and Networking as Tools, Practices and Expressions of Synodality
In his pastoral practice and speeches, Pope Francis has insisted on an element that appears fundamental in his evangelical call addressed to the Church, viz., synodality. It cannot be said to be a perfectly understandable and univocal term, which makes the task of the present article more difficult, but nevertheless interesting.

The synthesis document of the First Session of the Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod – which met in Rome October 4-29, 2023 – refers to this concept frequently. The notion of “synodality” (perspective of synodality, style of synodality) is used over 60 times; the adjective “synodal” nearly 100 times (referring to Church, process, journey, itinerary, assembly, manner, practices, life, style, spirit, path, dynamic, perspective, meaning, configuration, nature, character, experience, dimension, face, approach, culture, dialogue, communion, manner, council, key, session); and the noun “synod” in the singular around 20 times.

The most frequent concepts in the document are those of “synodal Church,” mentioned some 30 times (if we include the occurrences of synodal assembly, synodal configuration and synodal nature), and “synodal process,” mentioned some 20 times (including occurrences of synodal path, way and itinerary).
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