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Safet Zec’s poetic realism at Venice biennale
The 2024 Venice Biennale, International Art Exhibition, curated by Adriano Pedrosa, entitled Strangers Everywhere, hosts Bosnian-born artist Safet Zec with Atelier d’artista, in which he reformulates his workplace through a number of works that have marked the highest moments of his artistic production. As he puts it, “In this space where I have tried to recreate the working atmosphere, intimate and personal, but always open to encounters, of my studio, which for decades has been in San Francesco della Vigna. I hope one can grasp in a tangible way the craft of painting, which is my craft.”

One of the themes that Safet Zec, an exponent of the art movement called “Poetic Realism,” continues to reread is that of flight, which he himself experienced in 1982 during the Yugoslav conflict, taking refuge in Italy, first in Udine and then in Venice.
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