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Jacques Delors: Subsidiarity and European Leadership
Jacques Delors (1925-2023) can be considered the architect of today’s Europe. Some considerations reflect well what Catholicism means for political action (le politique, “politics”), beyond the day-to-day action of government and management (la politique, “policy”). Enrico Letta, among others, stressed the clarity of Delors’ ethical convictions and utopian drive. His fundamental commitment to subsidiarity in the reshaping of Europe was far-reaching, as was his leadership, which was bold and at the same time pragmatic. The method, the art of consultation and especially the quest for agreement, so-called “Delorism,” mattered; indeed, it is the method itself that defines the person and his message.

It is striking that the foreword of his Memoirs quotes Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini: “We have desires, projects, hopes to which we cling so passionately, sometimes neglecting to consider the possibility that there is a project of God greater than our thoughts, but, for that very reason, more beautiful, more useful for us, more exciting, more capable of giving us breath and hope.”
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