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Religion Today Film Festival 2023
Celebrating its first 50 years, Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) was the opening film of the 26th Religion Today Film Festival. Norman Jewison’s groundbreaking rock opera – bringing to the big screen an unprecedented image of Jesus in tune with the youth culture of the 1970s – was the ideal film to begin the event in Trento, Italy, from September 13-20, 2023.

The Religion Today Film Festival has long been a dynamic meeting point between different religions and cultures, answering a broad desire for the absolute in contemporary forms of spirituality. In addition to offering an interesting look at the thirst for meaning differently presented in the most distant contexts, the event creates an exciting and lively crossroads.

Representatives from the world of cinema and different religions stand side by side in an encounter where culture becomes the bridge for a meeting between different sensibilities and forms of spirituality. The warm welcome of Lisa Martelli and Andrea Morghen, president and director of the festival respectively, fostered the festive atmosphere of this small but lively event.
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