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Postdigital Schooling
I am in favor of postdigital schooling. This term does not mean a return to predigital schooling, in the same way that “postmodern” does not mean a return to “premodern.” Rather, postdigital schooling means that in the digital age, analog interaction in schools has become even more important than in the past. “In the future, schools, colleges and universities will have to promote analog teaching more strongly with compulsory attendance and oral examinations,” because, “for a person, the most significant guarantor of reality is another analog person, whom I can look in the eye as he or she speaks to me.”

The analog relationship becomes increasingly important to the extent that digital media definitively shape more and more areas of our lives. The more digital media shape learning processes, the more important the mutual analog encounter becomes. This is an encounter that takes place in schools between teachers and pupils, but also between children and adolescents, as the closure of kindergartens and schools during Covid-19 showed. That this is the case stems from the simple but crucial fact that successful learning only minimally depends on the chosen learning or teaching method or tools of any kind. What is key is the quality of the relationship between teachers and learners, which requires an analog presence.
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