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Safeguarding. The Complex Relationship between Prophecy and the Church
Is the word “safeguarding” really necessary? Is it just another term for something already known? Are the tried and tested concepts “prevention” and “protection of children and vulnerable persons” not enough? The answer to the first question is “Yes.” The word “safeguarding” is necessary because it encompasses more than the other terms, which have become established especially in relation to the issue of child and youth sexual abuse. But the concept has evolved. Awareness of what needs to be considered in relation to abuse and the various dangers to people in the context of living with others has expanded considerably. This also has had an impact on the Church’s engagement in this area. What exactly this may mean is considered in more detail in this article.

Some changes and developments can prove beneficial. They may lead to greater diversification. They can be an opportunity to learn and broaden your intellectual horizons, to have experiences that open up new perspectives and increase personal experience, to make free decisions about your life and make it more consistent with your needs, without having to resort to a one-size-fits-all model.

That said, however, one thing should not be overlooked: not all changes and developments are necessarily positive in themselves. Taken as a whole, some can be excessive and turn out to have negative outcomes. Today it seems that people are gradually realizing the damaging impact of changes and developments compared to what was the case just a few years ago.
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