Reflecting the Mind of the
Vatican Since 1850

Renewing and Realizing the Social Doctrine of the Church
In the fourth century, Saint Gregory of Nyssa stated that it is necessary to “go from beginning to beginning, through beginnings that have no end.” With this new beginning in my heart, I intend to offer a summary of what Pope Francis, ten years into his pontificate, is teaching and encouraging us to put into practice in our synodal journey.

I will first explain the importance of the Aparecida Document (ApD) for the whole Catholic Church. I will then focus on how synodality is acquiring a form that moves from the particular to the universal. I will also explore the challenges for this journey to become a reality, and why it is necessary. This will involve overcoming the stumbling block of clericalism, moving toward inculturation, valuing our differences, and building unity. All this should take place in a missionary key, opening our eyes to our common home and reinterpreting our social reality.

May the Holy Spirit enlighten us so that every step we take will lead us to “put new wine into new wineskins” (Matt 9:17).
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