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Houthi Fighters Launch Attacks in the Red Sea
The conflict between Israel and Hamas has now spread to the Red Sea. A possible third war front has opened up, which is proving to be not only dangerous but also threatens the region’s economic and political equilibrium, because in addition to those involved in the initial conflict, it involves more belligerents, such as Egypt, the U.S, Mediterranean countries and numerous others.

In fact, in response to the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, which has become increasingly massive and deadly over time and has now extended to the entire Strip, the Houthis, a Yemeni Shiite militia, have launched a series of attacks on the mostly Western merchant ships and tankers making their way through the Red Sea to reach the Mediterranean. Their leaders claim that they are acting in this way in order to support the Gaza cause and the Palestinians by preventing Western ships from supplying weapons or any military materiel to the State of Israel. It would appear that they are acting as Tehran’s proxy in the ongoing conflict.

In fact, according to many analysts, Iran, Israel’s principal enemy, appears to be carrying out its campaign against Israel not directly – which would be difficult at this time – but by proxy, through Shiite militias scattered across the Middle East. These include the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Houthis, and numerous groups they have funded and trained in Syria and Iraq, which in recent weeks have directed their actions, launching drones or missiles, against U.S. installations in these countries.
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