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The World Wide Web and the New Communication Era
The World Wide Web transformed the internet from a specialist communication medium into a real innovation in mass media, making the obtaining and publishing of information available to everyone. How did that happen?

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the invention of the World Wide Web and the 30th anniversary of its global establishment. Even after these many years, I still remember the first moment that I encountered the World Wide Web. In my university setting we had already used email and file transfer protocols for a number of years. We had some familiarity with the Internet, and we could manage a basic interlinking of computers. But to see the combination of visual material, text and references to other documents stored on computers around the world brought together through a simple browser with easy access to linked information was a real eye-opening experience.

The particulars of this invention have to do with information management and the establishing of protocols for identifying material and simplifying data transmission. These allowed searchers to easily find different kinds of materials, which the web in turn swiftly addressed, located and transmitted to the software that would display the hypertext markup language (html).
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