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Christmas in Difficult Times
The Christmas we celebrate this year finds us in a state of war, on the sidelines of a dramatic situation where communities are destroyed, some people kill, and others die. Uncontrolled fury buries men and women under the rubble of their homes, hits the bewildered elderly, abandoned without support or assistance, and overwhelms children in the innocence of their daily lives.

On the sidelines, but emotionally involved, we feel the dangers knocking at our door. The consequences of the conflict are catching up with us and will weigh heavily on all of us, especially the most vulnerable sections of the population. These are realities that remind us of a distant past that we thought we had left behind forever decades ago.

Yet the Lord Jesus is born once again for us, in a situation that calls us to sternly question ourselves and to open ourselves to welcome the mystery of Christmas. How can the Creator of the universe become incarnate in such a way that is so lacking in dignity and relevance? Why did he make his own our corruptible flesh, our contradictions, our sin, even enduring the scandal of the cross? There is no other answer than to contemplate the mystery of the love of a God who out of love became a child.
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