Reflecting the Mind of the
Vatican Since 1850

Toward an Outward-Looking Moral Theology
Experience teaches us that “knots” are useful in life. Good knots are those that can be untied, so as not to become a problem. These pages will address some knots that we must untie if we want moral theology to work with the Church so that it will bear fruit in charity for the life of the world and renew itself, as Pope Francis asks, by following the paths set out by the Second Vatican Council.

These are knots that in part we moral theologians have tied within the Church context, particularly those of us in positions of responsibility and authority. They have taken the form of burdensome legacies or developments based on misguided perspectives. They are considered by some to be definitive while others call for them to be changed.

We are called to discuss calmly the arguments on both sides, invoking the assistance of the Holy Spirit in the Church that Christ builds on Peter, without becoming polarized, or overtaken by ideologies that make use of the doctrine of the faith to push through particular opinions without caring for the people of God.
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