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January 2024 Issue
Paul VI’s Journey to the Holy Land 60 Years Ago

60 Years after Paul VI’s Journey to the Holy Land by Giovanni Sale, recalls this historic trip in 1964 that is considered one of the most important religious events of the 20th century. As a pilgrim, Pope Montini visited the holy places of Jerusalem and Galilee and met with Eastern Rite Christian communities and their patriarchs. In particular, the twofold meeting between the bishop of Rome and the ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople, Athenagoras, took place in Jerusalem. This began a season of ecumenical dialogue with other Christian churches and communities.


The Franciscan Family commemorates the 800th anniversary of the pious transit of St. Francis with a celebration that spans a four-year journey. This year commemorates the final approval of the Rule in 1223 and Christmas at Greccio. Saint Francis: The Nativity Scene Of Greccio by Giancarlo Pani retraces the history of the Greccio nativity scene, which, while not being, as many would have it, the first of the nativity scenes, nevertheless has a most notable importance in the history of popular piety. For Il Poverello, the humility of the Incarnation and the charity of the Passion were constantly in his thoughts, and Christmas was the “Feast of feasts, the day when God becomes a little infant.”


Reducing educational action to the pedagogical-institutional practice of schools is a serious mistake. Education is Either Liberating or it is not Educational by Roberto Jaramillo Bernal explains every social actor-and thus every social action-is both the subject and object of educational action. Consciously assuming this ethical and political responsibility to transform the world and doing so with the commitment and desire that all human beings may enjoy quality education is an imperative for the “Global Educational Compact”


The Religion Today Film Festival 2023 by Piero Loredan, was held in Trento. For years this festival has constituted a dynamic meeting point between different religions and cultures, and people’s desire for the absolute today and contemporary forms of spirituality. There, representatives of the world of cinema and representatives of different religions stand side by side, in a dialogue in which culture becomes the bridge for an encounter between different sensibilities and spiritualities.


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