July 2022 Issue
The Beauty of the Cross

War is a defeat of peace, brings pain, suffering and death. And, at the end peace, hopefully with justice, and a complex journey of reconstruction. The editors of La Civilta Cattolica consider the issue of war in Peace is a Narrow Path.

Andrea Dall’Asta’s work focuses on the relationship between art, liturgy and architecture. In The Beauty of the Cross he interprets the principal symbol of Christianity. The Cross has always been regarded as a “passage,” a mediation between Earth and sky, the finite and the infinite, contingent and eternal, which allows communication between two worlds: Heaven and Earth, the finite and the infinite.

The new edition of the Roman Missal contains numerous prayer texts on the theme of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Above all is the Mass for the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, then a votive Mass of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and optional prayers for the Masses of the Solemnity in years A, B and C. The Heart of Christ in the Liturgy examines their historical, theological and spiritual themes.

Simon Peter: fisherman, entrepreneur and disciple of Christ is a key figure in the New Testament. How did this man from Galilee come to die a martyr’s death in the capital of the Roman Empire? From Simon the Fisherman to Peter the Fisher of Men retraces some key episodes of his journey.

Peace in the Psalms of Ascent by Pino Di Luccio: The joy Christ promised to his disciples is that prophesied in the pilgrimage psalms (Ps 120-134). The peace and joy of Jerusalem – that unites pilgrims’ aspirations for peace and a safe journey – are the gift of Jesus’ life.

Also in the issue:

Building Peace with Refugees, Camillo Ripamonti
Science and Virtue, Giovanni Cucci
Meditations for Lute, Claudio Zonta
They Came at Night, Cristiano Laino
God, the Artist and the Creative Spirit, Georg Maria Roers
The Black Sea: Its history, geopolitics and economics, Giovanni Sale
Water, a topical issue, Etienne Perro
‘So We Went Out To See The Stars Again…’ A new space telescope, Paolo Beltrame
Odysseus Today – Roberto Calasso, Madeline Miller, Daniel Mendelsohn, Ingmar Vázquez García

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