June 2022 Issue
Pope Francis in Conversation with the Editors of European Jesuit Journals

Pope Francis in Conversation with the Editors of European Jesuit Journals continues our popular series about Francis’ meeting with his fellow Jesuits to discuss, examine issues facing the Church.

Fr. Stefan Kiechle of Stimmen der Zeit, Lucienne Bittar of Choisir, Fr. Ulf Jonsson of Signum, Fr. Jaime Tatay of Razón y fe, Fr. José Frazão of Correia di Brotéria, Fr. Paweł Kosiński of Deon, Fr. Arpad Hovarth of A Szív, Robert Mesaros of Viera a život, Frances Murphy of Thinking Faith and Fr. Antonio Spadaro of La Civiltà Cattolica met with Francis in the Private Library of the Apostolic Palace.

The arrest, inhumane treatment and eventual death in custody of Father Stan Swamy at the hands of authorities reveals how vulnerable a believer is to forces for whom fairness, justice, peace, and civility mean less. How does a believer, whose faith life is based on justice, peace and fraternity face up to such tyranny? Joseph Lobo ponders this in To Believe is to be Vulnerable: The ‘disadvantages’ to being a believer.

At a recent conference The Culture of Encounter: An imperative for a divided world in Rome, May 27-28, Fr Arturo Sosa delivered one of two keynote addresses.

In his speech, Encounter as a Dimension of Cultures and a Path to Peace Fr Sosa proposes intercultural encounter as a path toward justice and peace. It is a complex process of reconciliation among human beings, and its culmination is forgiveness, without which peace lacks a solid foundation.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is another tragic piece in a bloody jigsaw puzzle described by Pope Francis as a “piecemeal world war” Today, we see war though images and Antonio Spadaro reflects on seven pictures from this  ‘sacrilegious’ gallery of conflict.

Also in the issue:

The Cry of the Earth: An interview with Bruno Latour, Antonio Spadaro
The World Economy Emerges From Covid And Goes To War, Fernando de la Iglesia Viguiristi
Theology of the Final Battle and Stephen King, Klaus Mertes
Sacred Scripture and the Social Commitment of the Church, Cardinal Michael Czerny and Christian Barone
Five Hundred Years of Philippine Christianity: Living Heritage and Social Project, Jose Mario C. Francisco
The Enemy of Nature, Tiziano Ferraroni
India and Russia, Vladimir Pachkov
West Africa in Turmoil, Jean-Pierre Bodjoko
Rituals according to Byung-Chul Han, Marc Rastoin

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