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In Memory of Fr. Diego Fares, SJ (1955-2022)
On July 19, 2022, Fr. Diego Fares, an Argentinean, left this earth at the age of 66, surrounded by his two sisters and his companion in the novitiate, Ernesto Giobando, who was in Rome at the time. For about two years he had been living with a serious illness, facing it with patience, fortitude and spiritual serenity. The treatment he had to undergo had required his transfer from the community of La Civiltà Cattolica to the infirmary of the Residenza S. Pietro Canisio, from where, however, he continued his collaboration with the journal, and continued, as far as possible, his apostolic activity and the spiritual accompaniment of many people.

His passing has deprived our community of a jovial and deeply spiritual person with a great appreciation of friendship; it has deprived the magazine itself of a creative and insightful writer.

Fr. Diego was a sower who sowed a lot, without regard for measurements and proportions. He sowed very early in the morning, when he prayed next to his thermos of good hot mate, because to that prayer he brought everything: difficult situations, tensions, problems, questions, but above all people. He was a Jesuit who loved much and was much loved in return. Always discreet and inconspicuous, with a great sense of humor, he built solid relationships, founded on his amiable temperament.
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