September 2022 Issue
Papal Pastoral Thought: From John XXIII to Francis

The September issue is published as Pope Francis returns from a trip to Kazakhstan, the largest of the former USSR republics in Central Asia. 2022 has seen political change with entrenched elites losing out to a reform-minded president. Our Russian correspondent Vladimir Pachkov explains all in 2022: A Watershed Year For Kazakhstan? Unrest and a constitutional referendum.

Vale John W O’Malley, the eminent Jesuit historian died September 11 after a brief battle with cancer. His final work was a memoir, The Education of a Historian. Festo Mkenda, Academic Director of the Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu takes a look inside John O’Malley’s ‘toolbox’: “three kinds of readers will feel directly addressed by the book: the historian, the Christian and the Jesuit”

Justice, Fortitude, Temperance and Prudence are the qualities discussed in The Cardinal Virtues: Pillars of the good life. Giovanni Cucci studies those ethical virtues that make those who practices them better.

Thomas P. Rausch, the well-known theologian from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, offers some suggestions aimed at broadening the imagination, deepening the understanding, of those who participate in The Spiritual Exercises in a Secular Age.

The term “pastoral” is presently used throughout the Church but nowhere is it defined and there is a great deal of confusion as to its use and interpretation. James Campbell looks at “pastoral” in papal thinking from John XXIII to Francis.

Also in the issue:

The Economic Consequences of Putin’s War, Fernando de la Iglesia Viguiristi
Memory, Healing, Reconciliation: Pope Francis’ apostolic journey to Canada, Antonio Spadaro
Alonso de Barzana – The Francis Xavier of the West Indies, Wenceslao Soto Artuñedo
The Karaites of Crimea: Turks and Jews?, Vladimir Pachkov
The Spiritual Exercises in a Secular Age, Thomas P. Rausch
Cereals, a Matrix of Civilization, Benoit Vermander
Early Christianity and the Religions of the Time: The Lesson of Paul, Enrico Cattaneo
Handing on the Faith to New Generations: 10 Challenges for Education, Emmanuel Sicre

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