Daniel Pennac and Federico Fellini: Life is Dream

Claudio Zonta SJ

 Claudio Zonta SJ / People / 21 April 2020

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With his latest novel La Loi du rêveur (The Law of the Dreamer), Daniel Pennac crosses paths  with Italian film director Federico Fellini (2020 is the centenary of his birth).[1] The common thread that links the two characters, both present in the novel, is the importance of the oneiric element in their respective lives.

Fellini kept a journal of his dreams from the previous night – which would be published posthumously with the title Libro dei sogni (The Book of My Dreams) – illustrated with color pencils and markers. In the same way, the young protagonist of the novel, Daniel Pennac himself, began to write down his dreams: “Later, by transcribing my dreams (I have been transcribing them all my life since that day), I realized that recounting a dream means imagining it, as well as telling it, transforming the feeling into a story; strictly speaking, constructing a narrative” (p. 39).

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