‘Do not put us to the test’ Reflections on a difficult petition in the Lord’s Prayer

Pietro Bovati, SJ

 Pietro Bovati, SJ / Issue 1804 / Published Date:15 April 2018/Last Updated Date:2 July 2020

The most influential Church Fathers and countless scriptural commentators throughout the centuries have commended the Our Father for its theological richness, extolling it as the perfect prayer, especially since the Divine Master himself taught it to us. There are those who maintain that the Our Father is the culmination of every prayer contained in the Old Testament. Others define it as a synthesis of Christian catechesis presented in the form of an invocation.[1] Underlying the prayer’s exalted status is the fact that believers, whenever they recite it, repeat the very words of Jesus, making his prayer their own (cf. Luke 11:1). The perfection of Christian faith is thus given witness in the very way that the Christian community turns to God in prayer.

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