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The PDF/e-Book is a beautiful collection of 11 essays of Pope Francis’ conversations with the Jesuits around the world during his apostolic journey to different countries. The pope speaks with his fellow Jesuits and answers their questions about the Church and the challenges that the Universal Church faces.
The Pontificate Essays
Grace is not an ideology: Pope Francis’ private conversation with some Colombian Jesuitsl
At the Crossroads of History: Pope Francis’ Conversations with the Jesuits in Myanmar and Bangladesh.
“Where have our people been creative?”
“It is not enough to turn the page. Life must be given anew”
‘I believe the Lord wants a change in the Church’: A private dialogue with the Jesuits in the Baltics.
“Today the Church needs to grow in discernment:” Pope Francis meets with Polish Jesuits.
‘Put your lives at stake’: Pope Francis in dialogue with the Jesuits of Central America .
Stir Up the Indifferent: A conversation with Jesuits in Romania
“The Sovereignty of the People of God”: The pontiff meets the Jesuits of Mozambique and Madagascar
‘Our Little Path’: Pope Francis with the Jesuits in Thailand and Japan
“Freedom Scares Us”: Pope Francis’ conversation with Slovak Jesuits
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