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Published Date : 2022-01-25
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Safeguarding. The Complex Relationship between Prophecy and the Church

By: Hans Zollner SJ

Is the word “safeguarding” really necessary? Is it just another term for something already known? Are the tried and tested concepts “prevention” and “protection of children and vulnerable persons” not enough? The answer to the first question is “Yes.” The word “safeguarding” is necessary because it encompasses more than the other terms, which have become established especially in relation to the issue of child and youth sexual abuse. But the concept has evolved. Awareness of what needs to be considered...

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Universal Judgment and Migration Policy

By: Klaus Mertes, SJ

Some time ago, Hans Maier expressed concern about whether the Church had “unnecessarily discovered human rights.” “Faced with pressing problems, does it want to take refuge in an intra-ecclesial ethic?”[1] The scholar was criticizing an article by Viennese exegete, Ludger Schwienhorst-Schönberger,[2] according to whom the duty to care should be limited to “brothers and sisters” as per Jesus’ discourse on the Last Judgment (cf. Matt 25:31-46), i.e., brothers and sisters in faith. The controversy involved Church statements on debates around...

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The Book of Lamentations: The Days of Weeping

By: Giancarlo Pani SJ

The Book of Lamentations, attributed to the prophet Jeremiah in the Vulgate and closely connected with his prophetic writing, is a little-known and somewhat obscure Old Testament text. It has as its historical background the tragedy of Jerusalem in 586 B.C., when the capital was captured by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, after a long siege and completely devastated. The Temple was desecrated, plundered and burnt, and Judea lost its independence. The most important survivors were sent into exile, deported to...

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Ecclesia in Africa: What is this Church?

By: Paul Béré, SJ

The Church in Africa is making its presence felt, ensuring that it is being talked about. Is this really perceptible at first glance? For some, there is not “one” Africa, but “many” Africas, which can only be perceived through a polychromatic window of many shades. Yet, when African Christians – especially sub-Saharan Christians – talk about Africa, the issue of cultural identity seems to come to the fore as an absolute and non-negotiable value. Added to this is the political...

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Serving Life When Everything Collapses

By: Xavier de Bénazé SJ

The current ecological crisis causes a large number of our contemporaries to suffer from eco-anxiety. One way to acknowledge and overcome it, rooted in the experience of the cross and resurrection, is Christian hope. Attention given to our “common home” therefore should be a work of consolation and peacemaking, guided by the Holy Spirit, to build true “oases of resurrection.” In mid-July 2023, Le Châtelard, near Lyon, hosted its first Christian eco-spiritual retreat, as part of the Jesuits’ new spiritual...

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The Vulnerability of Young Adults in the Coldest Demographic Winter in South Korea

By: Jeong Yeon Hwang, SJ

On the feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth in 2021, Pope Francis revealed his serious concern about the low fertility rate in countries like Italy, using the expression “demographic winter.”[1] He urged us to raise awareness and tackle the demographic decline that poses a threat to our families, our nation, and our future. In that year, the total fertility rate of Italy remained at 1.25.[2] A birth rate lower than the population replacement rate of 2.1 has been a...

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