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Published Date : 2023-04-05
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Can Christians Read Crime Novels?

By: Marc Rastoin, SJ

Within a century, the detective novel, a genre initially considered minor, has become a literary genre of great cultural and social importance. The rise of the mystery novel is itself a mystery! “It is now generally accepted that the detective novel and the spy novel rank among the major innovations of the 20th century in the field of fiction. These genres made their sudden appearance in English and French literature in the late 19th and first half of the 20th...

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Charity, a ‘Theological Place’

By: Étienne Grieu SJ

Is charity a “theological place”? By “theological place” we mean one of the “different areas where theological knowledge unfolds, or the different sources from which it draws: Scripture, Tradition, the Fathers, the magisterium, the liturgy,”[1] according to the definition given by theologian Melchior Cano in the 16th century.[2] If it is a matter of systematically ordering the discourse about God, then charity has little chance of being considered a “theological place.” Indeed, it is an experience with uncertain boundaries, with...

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Karl Rahner (1904-1984): A Theology in the Service of Proclamation

By: Andreas R. Batlogg, SJ

Karl Rahner continues to be discussed even 40 years after his death. Born on March 5, 1904, in Freiburg, Breisgau, Germany, he entered the Society of Jesus on April 20, 1922, and died on March 30, 1984, in Innsbruck, Austria, a few weeks after turning 80. Arriving in the Tyrolean capital in the summer of 1936, he taught there as a lecturer from 1937 to 1939, and from 1948 to 1963 as professor of dogmatics, until he was called to...

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Present and Future of the US Economy

By: Fernando de la Iglesia Viguiristi SJ

On March 5, 2024, in the so-called “Super Tuesday” primaries, there were no surprises. It became virtually certain that Joe Biden and Donald Trump will be the candidates of the Democratic and Republican Parties in the upcoming presidential elections on Tuesday, November 5, 2024. The 2020 race for the White House looks set to be repeated. Against this electoral backdrop, two days later, Biden delivered the traditional State of the Union address in a joint sitting of Congress, that is,...

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God’s Great Work of Creation does not Often Give Up its Secrets Easily

By: Fr. Cyril Opeil SJ

Fifty years ago, I was one of those impressionable young Americans who was inspired by the NASA Apollo program which allowed the first humans to walk on the moon and return lunar rock samples back to earth for scientific study. Recently, NASA decided to re-establish a human presence on the Moon with the Artemis program for the first time since the Apollo 17 moon mission ended in 1972. The long-term goal of Artemis is to establish a permanent base on...

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Senegal, a Crisis Overcome

By: Jean-Pierre Bodjoko, SJ

Macky Sall, Senegal’s outgoing president, announced on February 3, 2024, the postponement of presidential elections, repealing his earlier decree that had set them for February 25. His decision came after parliament formed a commission to investigate two Constitutional Council judges whose integrity regarding the electoral process had been questioned. In fact, some deputies from the Senegalese Democratic Party (SDP) – the political formation led by Karim Wade, the son of former President Abdoulaye Wade – supported by some elected members...

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