Published Date : 2019-10-15
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Iran, Russia and China: Is there a ‘new Mongolian empire’ on the horizon?

By: Vladimir Pachkov, SJ

Thomas Flichy de La Neuville’s book Chine, Iran, Russie: un nouvel empire mongol? was published in 2013.[1] At the time the question was largely hypothetical. Today it appears to be a real possibility, particularly after China and Iran signed a treaty on April 27, 2021, firming the bilateral relations between these three Asian powers as they develop a triangular relationship. Underpinning it are both mutual interests and resistance against common adversaries. The sheer weight of all three countries – China,...

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Cybersex Educational Strategies

By: Giovanni Cucci, SJ

Prevention is key to combating cybersex. The clear need to encourage young people to exchange views and dialogue on the issue can be met to some extent through schools. There, educators are called upon to develop effective education programs for growth in managing affections and proper use of the internet, to reflect on its potential impact, using, for example, news stories to raise discussion in classrooms. When educators act on the issue with the collaboration of parents, it is noticeable...

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Secular States and Monotheistic Religions

By: Giovanni Sale, SJ

According to Max Weber the formation of modern legal systems must be read in parallel with the process of secularization of the modern state and of civil and political society, which has separated the religious sphere from the secular, formulating new ethical and political principles to regulate the organization of the state and the coexistence of people, thus erasing from state law the original sacred elements inherited from ancient traditions.[1] This approach to the subject of the foundation of modern...

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The Web of Gambling

By: Francesco Occhetta, SJ

The expression “hazard a bet” is a term used by gamblers that derives from the Arabic word al-zahr (“dice”). These instruments of fortune exemplify the desire to enrich oneself without making sacrifices. The first public places for organized gambling in the Middle Ages sprang up in secluded locations, far from squares and churches, managed by so-called “dealers.”[1] The locales of these particular games have always been thought of as webs woven by powerful “spiders” to trap their prey. In The...

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Kazakhstan’s post-Independence Fault Lines

By: Vladimir Pachkov, SJ

Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia (2,724,900 square kilometers) and the second most populous, with about 18 million inhabitants.[1] It bridges Europe and Asia, not only because of its geographical position, but also by reason of its ethnic composition. In addition to hosting various ethnic groups of Central Asian origin (such as the Uzbeks), it is home to elements of European populations, such as Germans and Poles, as well as Ukrainians and Russians. Shortly before and during the...

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Brothers and Sisters, Children of the One Father

By: Saverio Corradino, SJ

The Document on Human Brotherhood, signed by Pope Francis and Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayeb in Abu Dhabi on February 4, 2019, is an important text for all, especially for Christians. It is also an invitation to consider the subject through the Bible, where there are many passages that develop the idea of brotherhood. In the New Testament, Luke in particular looks in depth at the theme of brothers and sisters, children of the same Father. The theme stands out in...

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