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Published Date : 2023-03-08
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Cultures and Encounters

By: La Civiltà Cattolica, English Edition

The Culture of Encounter: An imperative for a divided world was a conference in Rome, May 27-28, 2022 where Fr Arturo Sosa delivered one of two keynote addresses. In his speech, Encounter as a Dimension of Cultures and a Path to Peace Fr Sosa spoke about intercultural encounter and how too often it takes place amidst conflicts of all kinds. However, intercultural encounter  is a path toward justice and peace, it is a complex process of reconciliation among human beings,...

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The Real Obstacles to Ecological Transition

By: Gaël Giraud, SJ

The capitalization of the world From about the end of the 14th century, an accounting technique became widespread in the banks of northern Italy. Property was identified as capital: a ship about to cross the Atlantic, a barn full of grain, a field, a cart. What is “capital”? Broadly speaking, it is something that has to yield an income stream in the future, whose value today is deemed equal to the currently realizable sum of this future income, that is,...

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The Latin American Church’s Synodal Conversion: Walking together from blindness to light

By: Daniel De Ycaza, SJ

This article will present the Latin American experience of synodal paths in recent years and the associated spiritual accompaniment, starting with the discernment that allows us to follow the Lord more closely. Ours is an experience full of limitations and fragility, but also endowed with parrhesia and courage to boldly  seek new synodal paths for the Church of the present time. With great simplicity we will describe a process that disclosed  the faces and voices of countless people who participated...

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Doing Theology and Theological Ethics in the Face of the Abuse Crisis

By: La Civiltà Cattolica, English Edition

Daniel J. Fleming, James F. Keenan, SJ, and Hans Zollner, SJ along with a substantial team from Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church and the Institute of Anthropology at the Gregorian University (formerly the Centre for Child Protection), have assembled this collection of essays on one of the most critical issues facing Catholicism. This book seeks answers to questions such as: “to what extent have we been blind to these issues? Why have our efforts in theology and theological...

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What Form Will Future Christianity Take?

By: José Frazão Correia, SJ

In a reflection written toward the end of the great confinement,  which the Covid-19 pandemic forced on the entire world, Czech Catholic thinker Tomáš Halík identified the closed and empty churches as a prophetic warning sign about what the Church might become: closed and deserted.[1] It is a warning sign, because it foreshadows what the permanent condition of the Church will be in the near future – in some places in Europe it is already a reality – if the...

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Muslim, Catholic pilgrimages share commonalities in Java

By: Michel Chambon

Indonesian Jesuit Father Bagus Laksana teaches theology and cultural studies at Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta. His research revolves around Christian-Muslim relations in Javanese culture. In 2004 he published a book titled, Muslim and Catholic Pilgrimage Practices: Explorations through Java. It presents Muslim and Catholic pilgrimages around Java island and shows an underlining rich ethnography and how Javanese culture is shaping those pilgrimages. His work suggests that Christian-Muslim relations should not be seen as an abstract dialogue, or even as...

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