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Published Date : 2023-03-08
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The Symbolic Universe of Cormac McCarthy

By: Antonio Spadaro, SJ

Cormac McCarthy died of “natural causes” on June 13, 2023, at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as he was about to turn 90.[1] The last literary endeavor on which he had worked at length – the diptych formed by the novels The Passenger and Stella Maris (2022) – thus takes on the dual value of literary epitome and spiritual testament. This work, of great structural and philosophical complexity, has bewildered readers who have approached it in the context...

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The Renewal of a College of Cardinals Always Ready for its Service

By: Federico Lombardi, SJ

On Sunday, July 9, 2023, at the end of the Angelus in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis announced the creation of new cardinals and set the date for the celebration of the Consistory as next September 30, just before the opening of the long-awaited Synodal Assembly. This is a very opportune date, given that several of the new cardinals will participate in the Synod and that the imminence of the Synod itself will encourage the participation of other cardinals and...

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Globalization and Ecological Transition

By: Gaël Giraud, SJ

The globalization of markets was not a spontaneous and inevitable phenomenon. It has a history of twists and turns. The Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have revealed its fragility: the former disrupted some supply chains of technological components and minerals for two years, while the latter threatens to cause famine in countries dependent on Ukrainian grain exports, particularly in Africa. These two events show the extraordinary interdependence of the human family. The health problems of Chinese workers...

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‘Inhabiting the Earthly Home and Embracing Heaven’

By: Antonio Spadaro, SJ

On Thursday, August 31, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. Pope Francis with his retinue and accredited journalists took off from Fiumicino Airport for Chinggis Khan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar, where he landed at 10 a.m. the next day. The pope was welcomed by the foreign minister, and a young woman offered him a cup with Mongolia’s typical dry yoghurt. After reviewing the Guard of Honor and greeting their respective delegations, the pope and the president, in two separate cars, entered the...

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Violence Transformed by Art: Five women artists

By: Bert Daelemans, SJ

Art and violence In 1945 Picasso recounted how a Nazi officer, spotting a reproduction of Guernica in his Paris studio, asked him, horrified, “Did you do this?” The artist replied without hesitation, “No. You did.”[1] It was the painter who had created the art; it was the Nazis who had caused the violence. At issue here is how we talk about violence, that is, about a reality that, even if we do not suffer it or cause it directly, nevertheless...

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A Hundred Years with Italo Calvino

By: Diego Mattei, SJ

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Italo Calvino ’s birth. We take up Calvino’s well-known distinction between “defiance of the labyrinth” and “surrender to the labyrinth”[1] to explore some paths through the complex, layered and multifaceted work of the Ligurian writer. Life and education Restless, intellectually lively and multifaceted in creativity, in private life shy and a man of few words, Calvino is a unique figure in the Italian literary landscape.[2] The first important trait is his family and...

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